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MakeMyHouseGreen will show you the impact of different green products on your wallet and carbon footprint.
Use our free, accurate and impartial tool to get you recommendations in minutes.

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Why Make My House Green?


No jargon, just simple to understand information that will help you make the right decision for you.

Best in Class

Our model is over 96% accurate, which we believe to be the most accurate model developed in the world.


We only recommend products and brands based on what’s best for you as a customer.

How it works


Understand your home

We start with questions about how you use energy and your home. This data is put into our data model so that you can accurately see what will work for you.


Compare different options

We then will show you the impact you could make to your wallet and carbon footprint with different product and brand options.


Help you get quotes

If you are interested in a product we can then get you no-obligation quotes. We earn a small commission from this to keep our service running.


"I saved over £100/month with Make My House Green."

"I'm actually looking forward to getting a bill that I'm happy about as well as being able to say that I'm producing my own energy! The sales rep, Tom, was trustworthy, knowledgeable and honest about what would and wouldn't work for me.
Ultimately it was a quick and easy decision that felt like a no-brainer!"

Mark, London


Did you know that you can offer your customers our market-leading technology? They'll be offered a truly value-adding service, while you'll benefit from our flexible partner rewards. It's a win-win!

About Us

We set up MakeMyHouseGreen with the mission of empowering consumers to make the right green home decisions for them.

Llewellyn & Thomas
Co-founders, MakeMyHouseGreen

Llewellyn & Thomas (MakeMyHouseGreen Co-founders)