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Overall, I'm very very happy with it all. My wife was on first-name terms with the install team making lots of cups of tea! The system is great, it fills my car for free, hot water for free and free heating, too!

Simon - Southport, Installed July 2023
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August 2023

Alan - Wiltshire

The thing I liked about your company is that there was a lot of communication and the fitters were absolutely brilliant! I got 5 quotes and I aimed for the one I was most comfortable with and obviously chose MakeMyHouseGreen. I’m effectively self-sufficient now, which is pretty impressive and have recommended you to someone who has also used your service! It felt more genuine than a lot of other companies. I’m chuffed to bits about it, I love the data you can see on your smartphone, all in all, a brilliant experience!

17 panels, 3.5 kWh Pylontech battery

April 2023

Dennis - Essex

The process was straightforward, the Guru explained everything really well and sent me an information pack right away. It was really easy to understand and smooth to get the installation booked. My questions were answered straight away to me and were made really clear. There was always someone who came back to me. I’m extremely satisfied and have recommended friends who are looking into Solar with you!

13 panels, 3.5 kWh Pylontech battery

June 2023

Andy - Worcestershire  

We chose to go ahead with MakeMyHouseGreen over three other quotes because of how friendly they were, their timescale seemed immediate, the prices were fair and they were able to give us everything we wanted. Since installation, we're almost entirely off grid, so of course that means the bills have dropped dramatically which is great!!

16 panels, 3.5kWh Pylontech battery

May 2023

Kevin - West Northamptonshire

Totally happy, I can already feel the difference and see it working! I really appreciated how MakeMyHouseGreen use the graph to show visually the usage and savings - having something interactive is very helpful. An excellent service.

12 panels, 4.8 kWh Pylontech battery

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