Your installs, hassle free

Book installations without the hassle. We automate all the things you don't want to do.

Hassle-free installations with MakeMyHouseGreen

What else?

We are MCS certified, you don't have to be

Since we're MCS accredited and handle all of the customer contracts, you can work under agreement for us. Just send us your relevant qualifications and we'll get you set up.

You will have a designated Guru to support you

Our gurus are here to help you. They work with our customers to make sure they get the right system for them and can help answers any questions you may have about the installations.

The Install Journey


"Super easy and it's really nice to be working for a team that actually care about the work I do"

Rob - 10+ years installing

"I was just a bit curious to start with, but after the first job I haven't looked back!"

George - Company director

"Great to have the right info, the right kit and the right design. So you can crack on with the job."

Rob - 10+ years installing

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