How do you know your model is 96% accurate?

For customers who opt in, we take data from their installed solar and compare to the expected results of the model. We use these learnings to incrementally improve the accuracy of our model. Our current accuracy measure stands at over 96% accurate.

How does your service work? Contractors etc…?

Our background is that we are a tech company. The problem we are trying to help consumers with is that it’s very difficult to get accurate information on what is the best system for you. So we built a lot of analytics to help answer that question. We then manage the whole sales process, ordering kit and anything ongoing. So, we are your central point of contact. However we don't employee any electricians or roofers, we use a few different companies who specialise in roof and electrics to do all our installs.

Which installers do you get quotes from?

We have installers across the UK and where possible source local quotes for installs.

How do you make money?

If an install goes ahead we will get paid a commission from the installer, at no added cost to the customer. Key to this is that we recommend the right system for the customer above any financial incentives.

Which products do you support?

Our current focus is Solar Panels. However we are currently optimising our models for other products such as Heat Pumps and insulation.

Where are you based?

We are based in London but our team is based across the UK.

How do I access grants?

Our model will highlight the likely grant available to you. Once you have chosen an installer they will talk you through how you get the government grants for your products.

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