Platform features

From finding the right system for you to monitoring it's performance. We do it all.


We use granular solar intensity data for your postcode and combine this with property and product data to model the output of your system to 96% accuracy.

We also model the interaction between different green solutions, such as solar, batteries, owning an EV or getting a heat pump!

The output of the model is then combined with your granular usage profile data to give a really accurate savings estimate.

Optimised system design

Using our powerful modelling alongside a conversation with one of our Gurus you'll get a system design optimised for you. How many panels is right? Should you get a battery? What size? What size inverter? How many optimisers? All answered to get the best system for you at the best price.

Smooth install through the platform

We power 100s of smooth solar and battery installations through the MakeMyHouseGreen platform. From automated DNO applications to easy booking of install dates, we spend hours making everything as easy as possible for our users.

Installer network

We have a network of trusted installers across the UK. All vetted, interviewed and closely managed. This allows us to deliver a great service nationwide for lots of happy customers.

Powerful scheduling

There's lots of complexity to making an install run smoothly. Our powerful software smoothly schedules kit to be delivered, scaffolding to be in place and a local installer to deliver a great job.

Solar Sentinel

Once your system is installed you continue your journey with MakeMyHouseGreen through to Solar Sentinel. Our technology makes sure your system is performing as it should. With over 80% of users checking it weekly, we know it's a hit!

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