Will solar prices come down?

Batteries almost certainly will, battery technology is going to have to evolve with Electric Vehicles and other electrification. However panels have been around for a long time and have stabilised at a low price, whilst the price of labour is unlikely to fall. So it is a great time to get involved! You could perhaps get a battery ready system and invest in batteries at a later date, if you think that would be a more sound investment.

Will it affect the value of my house?

There’s not a definitive answer on this, but a recent report from Solar Energy UK suggests that there are financial benefits of installing a solar energy system, which for a typical home could increase its sales price by at least £1,800, and reduce annual energy bills by more than £300.

One thing which could affect home value is a high Energy Performance Certificate score.

Will it affect my Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating?

It’s likely to!

If you’re not aware, an Energy Performance Certificate (or EPC for short) is a good indicator of a home's energy efficiency. A property's EPC is measured on a scale of A to G (these are called "bands"), with A being the best rating your home can have, and G being the worst. Having an EPC is a legal requirement for anyone looking to rent or sell a property in the UK.

In a study MakeMyHouseGreen conducted, all sampled households were found to jump at least one band.
• Average increase in EPC score: 15 points
• Most households jumped from C to B
• Average bands jumped: 1 band

Are there any grants for solar panels?

There are currently no grants available for solar panels.

Does MakeMyHouseGreen offer finance/a payment plan?

We have partnered with Plend to offer financing to customers, with terms available over 2-5 years. For more detail and to check eligibility go to makemyhousegreen.plend.co.uk

We are a credit broker not a lender.

Payment timeline

We take a £200 deposit (refundable) to get the ball rolling on paperwork and DNO approval, if necessary. At least 10 days prior to your installation date, you’re to pay 55% of the total cost (£200 of this is taken out to account for the deposit). Once you’ve signed off on the work, you’re to pay the remaining 45%.

Quote validity

Quotes are valid for 3 weeks from the date of the invoice pack being sent out. Between the first (quote) pack, and this final invoice pack, prices may go up or down depending on panel, battery and inverter prices and availability. After the invoice pack has been sent out, the cost of the products won’t change, but if the amount of product changes for whatever reason, this will impact your total cost.

VAT Reduction

We calculate VAT at 0% for all of our solar installations.

Do we have a deposit protection scheme?

Yes, this is covered by our HIES membership.

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