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EV Car Charger

We sell a myenergi Zappi car charger, which is very compatible with your solar system. You could set it so that it only charges when there’s extra energy from the panels. So, rather than selling the energy back to the grid, you can just top up your car with any excess produced.

Immersion Heater (system to heat up water tank)

You can use some of your excess solar to heat water in your immersion tank. This is through a product called a myenergi eddi immersion diverter, which comes at a cost of ~£450. But since the cost of gas is cheaper than electricity, the benefit from a battery storage system would typically be better than from an eddi energy diverter. A battery will also have higher efficiency, as you’ll experience an energy loss when water that you’ve heated up cools down again when you don’t need it.

Do you do pigeon proofing?

Yes we can do pigeon proofing as an additional option at very little additional charge. It involves putting mesh around the panels to prevent roosting underneath. The cost is ~£300 per 30 metre. Might need 2x for bigger arrays, depending on array layout.

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