Do I have to let my current energy supplier know about getting solar panels?

No you don't need to let your supplier know. However if the system has an inverter that is bigger than 3.6kW we will have to apply to your local network provider (DNO) to install a system of that size. This is typically a system of over 12 South facing panels. We will take care of that for you but it can add a delay.

Do I need a smart meter for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

Yes you do.

You must get this installed yourself by booking with your energy provider. Often they will do it for free. We provide our MCS (microgeneration certification scheme) certificate, which you take to your provider.

Without a smart meter, you will not be paid anything for excess energy produced.

Do I need planning permission?

You need planning permission if:
1) You are ground mounting them
2) You live in a conservation area/listed building. Otherwise no.

You must find out if you live in a conservation area yourself (type in my Local planning authority on Google, search for conservation areas)

Can I still get panels in a conservation area?

You can, but you will need approval from the council and typically they are not allowed to face the road.

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