Do solar panels need ongoing maintenance?

There’s no ongoing maintenance. The only drop in performance will be if they get dirty, perhaps a bird releases on them. In that instance, you can either wait for some rain, or get a sponge or a hose to clean it. But this is a rare occurrence and shouldn't dramatically alter performance. It's good to check with your warranties and insurance provider that personal maintenance activities don't void any of these policies. We recommend consulting a qualified professional if in doubt.

What warranties do you offer? Can you extend them?

The panels have a 25 year performance warranty, meaning they will still be outputting 80-85% of their original power in 25 years. Most of the products then have a 5-10 year warranty if they were to fail. The panels themselves have a product warranty of 12 years. There is little reason why they would break, however. You’ll see all warranties in your quote pack and we can extend these if needed.

For Solis hybrid inverters, you can extend the warranty by:
• 5 years (10 total) for £100
• 7 years (12 total) for £150
For Solis Single Phase inverters:
• 5 years (10 total) for £75

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