Solar Panel Installation Leamington Spa

Save £1,281 with solar panel installation in Leamington Spa. Our team of Green Gurus are ready to help you find the perfect solar system and start saving money.

You could be shaving a significant amount off your energy bills and even boost your home's value by an average of 4%, simply by installing solar panels. It's a clever investment that both saves and earns for you.

Ready to be part of the many homeowners reaping the benefits of such smart decisions? We're here to make it happen.

At MakeMyHouseGreen, we take the complexity out of the solar panel installation process. We offer you two effortless options:

1. Personalised Solar Solutions: Wondering how solar panels could rewrite your energy story? Our solar panel calculator delivers a 96% accurate forecast, skilfully customised to your home's unique features. This tool walks you through potential energy outputs, cost savings and the perfect number of solar panels for your home.

Stoked to make a difference? Our team of MCS-accredited installers has got you covered, ready to turn your solar vision into reality.

2. Learn More About Solar Energy: Get the inside track on how solar panels could be your home's game-changer. We provide comprehensive insights into the workings of solar panels, their long-term advantages and the positive ripple effect on both the environment and your pocket.

Property value source: Rightmove.

Solar panel installers Leamington Spa

We believe in an intelligent and tailored approach to energy - and our solar installation process is a perfect example. But don't worry, we've streamlined the whole process to make it as smooth as possible for you. Here's how it works:

1) Smart Start with our Solar Calculator

Your journey begins with our smartly-designed solar calculator. It's your personal, online advisor, providing an impressive 96% accurate estimation of what solar energy can offer for your home. By simply adding a few details about your property, you'll get a bespoke proposal of the expected energy output, estimated cost savings, and the ideal number of panels your home requires.

2) Personal Chat with Our Energy Specialists

Find the calculator’s results interesting? Let’s dive deeper. Book a consultation with one of our energy specialists who are always ready to answer any questions you might have. They'll help you understand more about your proposed solar solution, in an effortlessly smart, yet friendly manner.

3) Seamless Installation by Accredited Professionals

Once you're ready to make the change, our MCS-accredited professionals step in. This accreditation is our promise of quality and adherence to industry standards - in other words, we're serious about getting it right. We know the ins and outs of solar panel installation, and we pay attention to every single detail - because that's what you deserve.

4) Quick and Painless Setup

We don’t like to keep you waiting - not when it comes to a cleaner, greener future. We aim to get your solar panels up and running within 6 weeks. Our process is designed to have minimal interference in your daily life, so you can start reaping the benefits of solar energy sooner than you think.

Use our solar panel calculator here.

Why should you choose MakeMyHouseGreen?

At MakeMyHouseGreen, we are all about providing a personal and effortless experience to make your home more efficient with solar energy.

Our Green Home Gurus are with you every step of the way, providing tailored advice and support, carrying out each step with a patient attention to detail.

We're smart with data. Our thorough and simple models are designed to help you make confident decisions about introducing solar energy to your home. No jargon, just the facts you need.

Our customers have been so happy with what we do, they can't help but shout about it. Our excellent Trustpilot rating and positive feedback back us up.

When you choose us, you're also choosing peace of mind. All our installers are MCS-accredited, so you can rest easy knowing your installation meets the highest safety standards.

So, go ahead, make the switch to MakeMyHouseGreen. We're here to make solar energy a stress-free and smart choice for your home.

We're rated 'EXCELLENT' on Trustpilot


Your solar panel installation is designed to be stress-free and reliable, from start to finish. That's why we include a variety of warranties:

1. Performance Guarantee (25 Years): We've got you covered for a quarter of a century, making sure your system delivers at least 85% efficiency.

2. Product Warranty (12 Years): Not to worry about manufacturing defects, we've got that taken care of.

3. Workmanship Warranty (2 Years): Any hiccups related to installation? We'll sort it out, no stress.

These guarantees aren't just pieces of paper. They're our commitment to making your solar investment smooth and satisfying for the long haul.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Leamington Spa?

Ever wondered if solar panels are a good fit for your home in Leamington Spa? Let's bring the numbers to light, and you'll see why the answer is a confident yes.

1) Sun-drenched potential: Leamington Spa boasts a solar intensity of 509 w/m2, a rather favourable number for installing solar panels. This means the panels can convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently, optimising your energy generation and the cost savings you can enjoy.

2) Noticeable Savings: Your energy bills are in for a pleasant surprise, as homeowners in Leamington Spa typically see significant reductions. The actual amount varies, but it's fair to expect an average saving of around £1,281.

3) Greener Footprint: Choosing solar panels helps you contribute to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and in turn, lowering carbon emissions. A small step for your home, but a considerable leap for the environment.

4) Boosted Property Value: Adding solar panels often positively impacts your property value too. Expect an average property value increase of about 4% - a £12,000 rise if your home is worth £300,000.

5) Increased Energy Independence: Solar panels give you more control over your energy use and a sound shield against rising energy prices, making you less reliant on the grid.

So there you have it, five compelling reasons why solar panels are worth investing in Leamington Spa.

Source:  Are Solar Panels Worth It? 2024 Updated Guide

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Your solar panel installation, tailored to your unique needs, might not cost as much as you think. A snug system with 8-10 panels would typically run between £6,000-7,000 - providing you with an expected annual saving of about £600-800.

Opting for a slightly bigger system? A 12-15 panel install might set you back £6,500-8,000 with estimated annual savings ramping up to £700-900. As for those looking for the big guns - a robust 17-20 panel system could be yours for roughly £8,000-£9,000, stashing away nearly £1,000 for you every year.

Please note, these estimates don't take into account the potential extra for a battery. The actual costs will depend on factors such as the size of your chosen system, if a battery is part of your plan, the type of inverters you select, and the complexity of the installation itself. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that your solar panel experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

For more information have a read of our full article: How Much Do Solar Panels Costs In The UK?

Which system suits your house?

Deciding on the perfect solar panel system for your home comes down to a few vitally important details. Allow our solar panel calculator to uncomplicate things for you by taking into account:

1. Roof Size and Direction: Your roof's size and which way it faces play a part in how many panels can be fitted and the amount of sunlight they'll soak up.

2. Shading: Believe it or not, nearby trees or buildings can make a difference in how much sunlight reaches your panels.

3. Energy Demand: Your home's energy usage will pinpoint the right size of the system needed to cater to your needs.

Source:  How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

Solar Panel Calculator:

Ready to explore the benefits of solar energy? Our solar panel calculator is here to make the journey smoother for you. With a focus on simplicity and clarity, it's your personal guide to going solar. Here's why:

1. Effortless Use: Easy and intuitive, the calculator just needs a few details about your home, and it takes care of the rest.

2. Tailored For You: Get estimates designed around your unique needs. From potential energy output and the number of panels required, to the cost savings, everything is customised.

3. Empowered Choices: Our calculator helps you make informed decisions. Say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to solar panel installation.

4. Smooth Next Steps: Once you're done with the calculations, our energy experts are just a step away for further guidance or kick-starting your installation process.

Dive into the solar potential of your home today with our solar panel calculator. Your journey to a more energy-efficient future begins here.

Our solar panel calculator is free to use here

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