Solar Panel Installation Portsmouth

Save £1,442 with solar panel installation in Portsmouth. Our team of Green Gurus are ready to help you find the perfect solar system and start saving money.

February 14, 2024

Ever thought about a solar panel installation in Portsmouth? It's more than just an energy bill cutter - it can also boost your home's value by an average of 4%. A smart investment that saves and earns you money.

Keen to join the smart homeowners already reaping these benefits? We're here to help at MakeMyHouseGreen!

We've made the solar panel installation process a breeze with two simple options:

1. Personalised Solar Solutions: Wondering how solar panels could transform your energy use? Our solar panel calculator gives you a 96% accurate estimate, tailored to your home's unique features. This handy tool guides you through potential energy outputs, cost savings, and the perfect number of solar panels for your property.

Ready for a change? Our local team of MCS-accredited installers is ready and waiting to make your solar dreams a reality.

2. Learn More About Solar Energy: Get to grips with how solar panels can be a real game-changer for your home and your energy bills. We provide clear, easy-to-understand insights into the workings of solar panels, their long-term benefits, and their positive impact on both your wallet and the world.

Property value source: Rightmove.

Solar panel installers Portsmouth

Our solar panel installation process is smart and smooth:

1) Personalised Projections with Our Solar Calculator

Start by using our solar panel calculator. It's built to offer a 96% accurate estimate of how solar panels could benefit your home. Just enter a few details, and you'll get a personalised proposal. This will include potential energy output, estimated savings, and the ideal number of solar panels for your property.

2) Chat with Our Energy Experts

If the calculator's results align with your goals, your next step is a chat with one of our energy experts. They're not just well-versed in solar panel tech, they're also here to answer any questions you might have. They'll make sure you're fully informed and comfortable with the proposed solar solution.

3) Installation by Accredited Professionals

Once you're ready to go ahead, our accredited installers step in. Their accreditation is your guarantee of quality and industry standard compliance. Our team is renowned for their expertise and attention to detail, ensuring your solar panel installation is completed to the highest standards.

4) Swift and Seamless Installation

We're proud of our ability to have your solar panels installed and operational in under 6 weeks. Our process is designed to cause minimal disruption to your daily routine, letting you reap the benefits of solar energy as soon as possible.

Use our solar panel calculator here.

Why should you choose MakeMyHouseGreen?

MakeMyHouseGreen is your go-to in Portsmouth for personalised solar panel installation:

1) Personalised Guidance: We're with you every step of the way, from the first chat to the final installation. Our Green Home Gurus handle everything with precision and care, tailored to your unique situation.

2) Smart Decisions: We turn complex data into simple insights, helping you feel confident about choosing solar energy for your home.

3) Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our high Trustpilot rating and positive customer feedback speak volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

4) Top-notch Installation: Rest easy knowing all our installers are MCS-accredited, ensuring high standards of installation and safety.

Choosing MakeMyHouseGreen means choosing expertise, quality, and a commitment to intelligently tailored energy in Portsmouth.

We're rated 'EXCELLENT' on Trustpilot


We've got your back with our solar panel installations, tailored just for you and backed by solid warranties. Here's what you need to know:

Performance Guarantee (25 Years): We promise you'll have at least 85% efficiency for a quarter of a century. That's smart energy working for you.

Product Warranty (12 Years): If there's a hiccup in manufacturing, we've got it covered. No stress, no fuss.

Workmanship Warranty (2 Years): If anything goes awry with the installation, we'll sort it. Your satisfaction is our priority.

These warranties are your safety net, ensuring your solar investment is reliable and satisfying, long term. It's part of our smooth, stress-free process from start to finish.

Wondering if solar panels are a good idea in Portsmouth? We can tell you with confidence, they're a brilliant choice, and here's why:

1) Perfect Solar Conditions: Portsmouth is blessed with a solar intensity of 535 w/m2, making it a prime spot for solar panels. This means your panels can work hard for you, converting sunlight into electricity and maximising your energy production. On average, you could be generating 6221 KwH.

2) Impressive Cost Savings: As a homeowner in Portsmouth, you can look forward to a noticeable decrease in your energy bills. The exact savings can vary, but on average, households save around £1,442.

3) Positive Environmental Impact: By choosing solar panels, you're making a choice that's good for the planet too. You're reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions.

4) Boosted Property Value: Homes with solar panels often see a rise in property value. On average, properties can see a 4% increase. So, if your home is valued at £300,000, you could potentially see a £12,000 boost in value.

5) Energy Independence: Solar panels give you more control over your energy usage, making you less dependent on the grid. This also shields you from fluctuating energy prices.

So, solar panels in Portsmouth? We say it's a smart move.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Let's break down the costs of solar panel installation for you. It's not a one-size-fits-all, and the price can vary based on a few factors. But to give you a ballpark figure, a cosy 8-10 panel system will set you back around £6,000-7,000, and you can expect to save roughly £600-800 each year.

Want something a bit larger? A 12-15 panel system could cost you around £6,500-8,000, with estimated annual savings of £700-900. If you're thinking bigger still, a 17-20 panel setup is in the ballpark of £8,000-£9,000, but you'd be pocketing a nice £1,000 saving each year.

Keep in mind, these figures don't include the cost of a battery. The final cost can be influenced by the size of the system you need, whether you want a battery, the type of inverters you choose, and the complexity of the installation process. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through every step.

For more information have a read of our full article: How Much Do Solar Panels Costs In The UK?

Which system suits your house?

Deciding on the perfect solar panel system for your home can seem complicated, but we're here to make it easy. Here's how our solar panel calculator simplifies this decision for you:

1. Roof Size and Orientation: We consider the size and direction of your roof. This helps us figure out how many panels can fit and how much sunlight they'll soak up.

2. Shading: We also take into account any nearby trees or buildings. These can affect the sunlight your panels get.

3. Energy Needs: We look at your household's energy consumption. This helps us determine the size of the system you'll need to meet your energy requirements.

Source:  How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

Solar Panel Calculator:

Our solar panel calculator is your trusty companion on your solar panel journey, no matter where you are in the UK. It's here to make things simple and give you the insights you need. Here's how it works for you:

1. Easy Peasy: Using the calculator is a breeze. Just pop in some basic details about your home, and let it do the heavy lifting.

2. Tailored Just for You: You'll get estimates that are patiently personalised to your unique situation. This includes potential energy output, how many panels you'll need, and how much you could save.

3. Feel Smart: Our calculator helps you make decisions about solar panel installation with confidence and ease. No jargon, no fuss.

4. Smooth Sailing: Once you've got your results, you can chat with our friendly experts for more advice, or smoothly move on to the next step of your installation.

Unleash the potential of solar energy for your home with our solar panel calculator. It's your first step towards a greener, more energy-efficient future, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Our solar panel calculator is free to use here

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