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Save £1,350 with solar panel installation in Bedfordshire. Our team of Green Gurus are ready to help you find the perfect solar system and start saving money.

February 14, 2024

Choosing to fit your home with solar panels isn't just a green move, it's a smart financial decision that can significantly cut your energy bills and boost your property's worth. In fact, homes with solar installations often see a value increase of around 4%. This isn't just a passing trend, it's a wise investment for both your future and the planet's welfare.

At MakeMyHouseGreen, we've made the solar panel installation process effortlessly simple. Here are your two options:

1. A Precise Solar Panel Calculator: Our calculator lets you uncover the specific benefits for your home. It offers a 96% accurate estimate, taking into account your home's unique features to suggest potential energy outputs, cost savings, and the perfect solar setup for your home.

Keen to get started? Our team of MCS-accredited installers are ready and waiting to bring solar to your home within 6 weeks.

2. Comprehensive Knowledge about Solar Energy: We're big on educating our customers. Our resources dive into how solar panels can dramatically shift your home's energy dynamics, explaining their long-term benefits and positive environmental impact.

Property value source: Rightmove.

Solar panel installers in Bedfordshire

With the help of data and technology, we've devised a system that's tailored to your individual needs:

1) Precision Modelling with Our Solar Calculator

Your journey starts with our solar calculator. It's designed to use thousands of data points, creating a 96% accurate estimate of the potential benefits of solar panels for your property. Just by entering a few details, you'll receive personalised calculations. These will include expected energy output, estimated cost savings, and the best number of solar panels for your home.

2) Consultation with Our Green Home Gurus

If the calculator's results meet your expectations, the next step is a chat with one of our Green Home Gurus. Our experts, fluent in the intricacies of solar potential, will answer all your queries and help you make a smart decision about solar installation.

3) Installation by MCS-Accredited Professionals

We're proud of our skilled installers, all MCS-accredited, ensuring your installation meets the highest industry standards. Our process is smooth and designed to minimise disruption to your everyday life, letting you start benefiting from solar energy as soon as possible.

Use our solar panel calculator here.

Benefits of MakeMyHouseGreen?

At MakeMyHouseGreen, we're all about you and your unique energy needs, no matter where you are in the UK:

1. Tailored Support: From our first chat to the moment your solar panels are up and running, we're with you every step of the way, offering the support you need.

2. Smart Choices: We use a ton of data to give you the insights you need to make a smart choice about solar energy. But don't worry, we keep it simple and easy to understand.

3. Happy Customers: We're proud of our high Trustpilot ratings and lovely customer feedback. It shows that we're doing things right.

4. Qualified Installers: Each member of our team is MCS-accredited, so you can trust in their skills and professionalism.

Choosing MakeMyHouseGreen means choosing expertise, quality, and a commitment to sustainable energy. And we make it all feel effortless.

We're rated 'EXCELLENT' on Trustpilot


With our solar panel installations, we offer a set of warranties tailored to provide you with peace of mind:

1. Performance Guarantee (25 Years): We ensure your solar panels maintain at least 85% efficiency for a quarter of a century.

2. Product Warranty (12 Years): You're protected against any manufacturing defects, so you can enjoy your solar panels without worry.

3. Workmanship Warranty (2 Years): We've got you covered for any potential issues related to the installation process.

These warranties are our promise of reliable, long-term satisfaction with your solar investment.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Bedfordshire?

Bedfordshire homeowners often wonder about the practicality and benefits of solar panels. The answer? It's a big yes, and here's why:

Impressive Solar Energy Yield: Gloucestershire enjoys a solid solar intensity of 524 w/m2, meaning the average home can generate 5272 kWh annually.

Meaningful Financial Savings: Those in your area who've switched to solar have seen their energy bills drop. While the exact savings can differ, most households can expect to save around £1,350 on energy bills.

Doing Your Bit for the Environment: Choosing solar panels means less reliance on fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions. It's a great way to help preserve the environment and promote sustainability.

Boosting Your Home's Value: Adding solar panels can increase your property's market value. On average, homes with solar see a 4% value rise. So, a home worth £300,000 could see a boost of about £12,000.

Increased Energy Independence: Solar panels mean less reliance on traditional power grids, giving you more control over your home's energy use. This independence is especially useful in the face of rising energy costs, providing a safety net against price increases.

Source:  Are Solar Panels Worth It? 2024 Updated Guide

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Your total investment will depend on a few important elements: the size of your solar system, whether you need a battery, the kind of inverters you opt for, and how complex the installation process is.

For a compact system of 8-10 panels, you'll be investing roughly £6,000-7,000. The silver lining? You could see yearly savings of £600-800.

Considering a 12-15 panel system? That will typically cost around £6,500-8,000, and you could be saving £700-900 each year. If you're thinking bigger with a 17-20 panel system, the investment would be £8,000-£9,000, but with a potential yearly saving of about £1,000.

Remember, these costs don't include a battery. Factors like the size of the system you require, whether you want a battery, the type of inverters you select, and the intricacy of the installation can all shape the final cost.

For more information have a read of our full article: How Much Do Solar Panels Costs In The UK?

Which system suits your house?

Getting the right solar panel system is a bit like tailoring a suit - it needs to fit you perfectly. But don't fret, we're here to guide you through the process. Book a call with us, and we'll help you figure out the best fit for your home.

Roof Size and Direction: Think of this as the fabric of your suit. It determines how many panels we can tailor to your roof and how much sunlight they'll catch.

Shading: Just like a tree can provide shade on a sunny day, nearby buildings or trees could affect your panels. Don't worry though, we've got a handy guide on how solar panels and sunlight work together.

Energy Needs: This is all about your lifestyle. Your household's energy usage will help us determine the size of the system you need to keep your home powered up, day in, day out.

Source:  How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

Solar Panel Calculator:

Our solar panel calculator is a breeze to use and here to help you understand solar installation better. Simply pop in a few details about your property and voila - personalised estimates to give you a clearer picture of potential energy production and cost savings. It's the first step to make a smart decision about going solar.

Intuitive and Effortless: Our calculator is designed to be your friend. Just pop in a few details about your place and let the calculator do the rest.

Uniquely Yours: We provide personalised projections that mirror your unique situation. You'll get to see expected energy production, how many panels you might need, and potential savings.

Empowering You: Our calculator gives you the insights you need to make a smart, informed decision about solar panel installation.

Smooth Sailing: Once you have your estimates, you're all set. You can either chat with our specialists or go ahead with the installation process.

Why not discover the potential of solar energy for your home today with our solar panel calculator? It's the first step towards a greener, more energy-efficient future.

Our solar panel calculator is free to use here

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