Solar Panel Installation King's Lynn

Save £1,363 with solar panel installation in King's Lynn. Our team of Green Gurus are ready to help you find the perfect solar system and start saving money.

Did you realise that an average solar panel installation could save you approximately £1,363 per year? It's quite impressive how much sunshine can contribute to your savings.

Want to join the numerous savvy savers? You're in the right spot with MakeMyHouseGreen. We've streamlined the solar panel installation process, offering you two straightforward options:

1) Try our solar panel calculator - It gives you a 96% accurate estimate of your potential benefits, including energy output, cost, and savings. We even suggest solar systems tailored to your property and needs. When you're ready to proceed, our team of MCS-accredited installers is at your disposal.

2) Learn more about solar panels - Understand how they can positively impact your energy bills.

Solar Panel Installers King's Lynn

Our team of accredited solar panel installers are ready to transform your roof. But before we get started, let's make sure you're equipped with the right information.

Our solar panel calculator provides you with data that's 96% accurate for your specific property. You'll find out:

  • Annual solar energy output for your home
  • Potential savings on your energy bills
  • The exact number of panels needed
  • The total cost of panels and installation

If the numbers make you smile, the next step is a chat with one of our Green Home Gurus. They'll answer any lingering questions and help you find the perfect system for your needs.

We're here for you from start to finish with our comprehensive service. Once everything is set, our skilled team will have your solar panels up and running in under 6 weeks.

Ready to become your own energy producer? Let's get started.

Why is MCS-accreditation important?

The MCS (Microgeneration Certificate Scheme) accreditation is a mark of quality. It shows that installers and products meet the highest standards. To earn this accreditation, an installer must complete approved courses and gain HIES (Home Insulation & Energy Systems) approval.

You can rest easy knowing our installers all hold MCS accreditation, ensuring your panels are installed by a capable and safe pair of hands.

Try our solar panel calculator here.

Why should you choose MakeMyHouseGreen?

Your Guru is with you every step of the way, from the initial chat right through to the installation. We're here to guide you, not push you.

We've made things super easy for you. From automated applications to booking your install date, we've smoothed out all the bumps.

Our clever modelling uses thousands of data points to show you just how beneficial solar panels can be for you. It's about making smart choices, and we're here to help you do that.

Don't just take our word for it, we're rated as excellent on Trustpilot. Check out what our customers have to say.

Rest easy knowing that all our installers are MCS-accredited. We only work with the best.

We're rated 'EXCELLENT' on Trustpilot


When you choose us for your solar panel installations, you can rest easy knowing you're covered by three warranties:

1. Performance Guarantee Warranty: We're confident that your solar panels will maintain at least 85% of their original capacity for a solid 25 years.

2. Product Warranty: If any defects sneak in during the manufacturing process, don't worry. You're covered for 12 years.

3. Workmanship Warranty: Unforeseen issues due to installation? Highly unlikely, but if they do arise, we've got you covered for 5 years.

Are Solar Panels Worth It In King's Lynn?

Embracing solar panels in King's Lynn is a smart move. With a strong solar intensity of 484 w/m2 in your area, you could generate a substantial 5404 KwH of energy on average.

Switching to solar energy means more than just cost savings. While the average household in King's Lynn does save a neat £1,363 a year by reducing grid-dependence, the benefits don't stop there.

There's a whole host of advantages that come with solar panels for your home.

Benefits of Solar Panels

We've linked a comprehensive guide for a full rundown on the pros and cons of solar panels. But here's the gist:

1. Reduced Carbon Emissions - By making the switch to solar, the average UK household can cut their Co2 emissions by 900 kg annually.

2. Energy Independence - Depending on your property and usage, you could wave goodbye to grid-dependence.

3. Increased Property Value - Solar panels could even boost the value of your home. Rightmove's study suggests that green home improvements, like solar panel installation, can increase your home's value by an average of 4%.

Source: Are Solar Panels Worth It? 2024 Updated Guide

Cost of solar panels in King's Lynn

The cost of solar panels in 484 can range quite a bit. For a smaller 3kW system, you're looking at around £6,000 to £7,000. However, for a larger 6kW solar system, this could go upwards of £9,000. Do note, this doesn't include a battery.

What's influencing the cost? It's things like the size of the system you need, if you require a battery, the type of inverters used, and the complexity of the installation itself.

For more information have a read of our full article: How Much Do Solar Panels Costs In The UK?

Which system suits your house?

Deciding on the perfect solar system for your property is best achieved through our user-friendly solar panel calculator and a friendly chat with our expert Green Gurus.

Many factors come into play, including your roof's size, orientation, and tilt, the solar panel type, and your energy consumption. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Based on our experience with previous clients, we've found that a system of around 17 panels is quite common in this area - so, there's a good chance your solar system may be similar.

Source:  How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

What Are You Waiting For? Use our Solar Panel Calculator

Check out our guide on how many solar panels your roof can accommodate.

Take a look at our solar panel calculator here.

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